Testing Methods

There are two main testing methods which are used dependant on weather conditions and/or the specific roof construction type.

Earth Leakage Detection

Holiday Detection Method

Each of these services is backed up with a comprehensive report, emailed to clients usually within 24 hours, followed by a bound, hard copy through the post.

Other Services Seam Weld Assessment

The company also offer a Seam Weld Assessment Service.

Leak Detection on Existing Flat Roofs

Leaks on existing flat roofs can cause a lot of damage and be very difficult to locate. Using our proven leak detection methods most leaks can be quickly and clearly identified, whether caused by mechanical damage or installation faults.

Pre-Handover Certification of New Roofs

To ensure the integrity of newly installed roofing systems we can carry out a Pre-Handover test, which clearly identifies any potential problems in the system.

Repairs can be quickly retested and on confirmation of the roofing systems' integrity, a certificate is issued which can be submitted as part of the handover procedure.
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